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Sea Palling

Everyone will have their own reason for coming to yoga - thank you to the people here for sharing their thoughts as to how yoga has made a difference to their lives.

Having been diagnosed with chronic fatigue 8 years ago I became unfit, unable to cycle, swim or even walk far. Last year, I decided to try yoga, not really expecting it to help me much. However, from small basic postures , I found that bit by bit I was getting stronger; and surprisingly as the months went by I could actually manage to achieve a bit more each time, feeling my body getting stronger as my confidence in what I could do improved. Clare is a gifted teacher; patient, empathetic and able to cater for individual needs. I can honestly say yoga has changed my life and given me new hope.

Sue, private client

I would just like to say how lovely it is to have such a caring person as my Yoga Teacher. Over the time I have been attending class, I have become aware of my posture and have more strength in my back.

Linda - Potter Heigham class

I absolutely love it! I find the postures have helped to strengthen my injured knee and the class is very relaxing and inspirational. I feel better both physically and mentally and would recommend Clare to everyone.

Ellen - Hoveton class

'What a difference your yoga class has made to my life, from being tongue-tied and shy, in the past year I have become confident and spiritually happy. So thank you Clare for giving me a life.'

Pam, Sea Palling

'I would like to let you know how much I'm enjoying the class and already feel some benefits - body and mind!'

Dawn, Neatishead

'Yoga gives me confidence both physically and emotionally - it makes me feel good! Your classes are excellent Clare, comprehensive and very enjoyable and I learn something new each time'.

Sandra S, Hoveton

'I feel lucky to have yoga in my life and such a good teacher to learn from; some things are so good that everyone should have them - yoga is one of those things'.

Susan - Happisburgh class