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Sea Palling

Now Online via Zoom every Thursday 11.30am​​ Contact me here for details

 This class is really appreciated by those seeking to start or continue with their yoga practice but feel that a more gentle approach is needed, due to illness, injury or advancing years.

It has a great, supportive atmosphere and has an age range currently of 35 - 87!

Yoga truly is for everyone!

This article appeared in January 2017 issue of 'Stalham Scorcher'

Gentle Yoga Hour

Most of us have heard how yoga can be good for fitness and wellbeing, but you don't have to be young and flexible to discover the many benefits for yourself. British Wheel of Yoga teacher, Clare Badham, has been running classes in the area for 10 years, but recently began a special class for those who would like a gentler approach. As Clare says, ‘Yoga helps people of all ages and abilities, and whilst I can modify classes to suit most, I felt a special class was needed to accommodate those seeking a more gentle form of exercise.’ So Gentle Yoga Hour was created and now takes place on Thursdays at Sea Palling & Waxham Village Hall at 11.30am.

The class starts with sitting on a chair whilst moving to improve flexibility in the joints. There’s also a focus on breathing techniques which can help with learning how to relax and reduce stress. Carefully chosen standing yoga postures follow with the use of the chair for balance, if required. The session ends with a guided relaxation.

Current students include some who have been practicing yoga for many years as well as complete beginners, with an age range between 25 and 85! Here's what they say…

‘I have benefitted both mentally and physically - I cannot rate Yoga highly enough’

‘Yoga has given me some relief from sciatic pain and has made life more bearable’

‘So happy to have found you, and the gentle yoga class. I am sure it’s doing me good, my joints are slowly getting stronger and more flexible’

‘My posture has improved and so has my general wellbeing’.

Classes cost £5